Story Lovers,

Welcome to my brand new blog!

I must say, I feel reluctant excitement about this component of my newly redesigned website. This practice of regular, informal writing is new to me. I am much more drawn to using my voice — and the blank white page can seem daunting. (As a matter of fact, you will likely see some video and audio blog-posts… with lots of photos too!) But I do love the idea of connecting with you on a variety of subjects and am always curious to explore ways of spreading the word about storytelling.

Here are a few of the topics that I anticipate shining a light on with this blog:

  • Hints on how to learn a story
  • Techniques for engaging and connecting with each listener in the audience
  • My volunteer work with the non-profit, Bead for Life
  • Remembrances of Ray and Rosa Hicks as well as their impact on the storytelling community
  • Anecdotes about the wildlife around my home from bears to bobcats (I once headed a particularly curious bear out of my dining room!)
  • Storytelling tips for business professionals
  • Finally, I hope to welcome stories and articles from guest contributors – friends, artists, scholars, and storytellers!


I invite your own ideas, questions, suggestions and feedback as well.

So check back here in the weeks and months to come for the latest blog entry. And please share with others who you think might enjoy it. I hope our paths will cross again soon!

All the best,