One of Connie Regan-Blake's performances at the National Storytelling Festival


When Connie takes the stage, her engaging humor and Southern charm generate a brightness and warmth that draws listeners in. Her storytelling performances range from hilarious traditional Appalachian Mountain tales to poignant true-life dramas. Connie’s stories are tailored to engage and capture the attention of every single member of the audience.  A consummate professional, Connie’s rare talent can transform a convention hall into a wondrous landscape and turn a packed theater into an intimate circle of friends.

Connie offers a variety of performances from spooky to fun-loving
On of Connie's performances

Connie has been a professional storyteller for over four decades. She is credited with being a central force driving the American storytelling revival. She given performances in 47 states, 17 countries, and on 6 continents, captivating minds and hearts around the world with her storytelling. Connie regularly performs at corporate events, schools and libraries, festivals, and conferences.

In all that she does, Connie seeks to open new avenues for story. Bead for Life is a nonprofit that is close to Connie’s heart and her original performance, “Brush the Dust from My Heart: A Storyteller’s Journey in Uganda“, gives voice to the stories of the women that the organization serves. Connie has also explored the intersection of storytelling performance and classical music through her collaboration with The Kandinsky Trio. Their touring performance, “Tales of Appalachia: Stories and Chamber Music,” is an innovative blend that has been hailed as “a new art form.”

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Remarkable with every nuance…funny at one instant and then zap, dead (not to pun) serious. Very polished telling down the minutest of detail/gesture/vocal expressiveness or deadpan.  I was transported to the place of story which is where I long to be!

Frannie Oates, Storyteller

You can’t help but lean in when Connie Regan-Blake says “I’d like to tell you a mountain story.” Her voice starts to rise and fall, her hands weave through empty air….You may be sitting here in the 21st century, but Regan-Blake takes you to a timeless place…

Dale Neal, USA Today

20 years ago I heard Connie tell a story and my life was forever changed. Now, I’m a storyteller of a different sort but really we are all the same.

Sean Driscoll, Children’s Entertainer

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