Participants at one of Connie's workshops.


Connie’s storytelling workshops are designed for all levels of expertise from curious beginner to experienced teller. At each of Connie’s workshops, you’ll discover and polish your stories through hands-on, fun activities, all while practicing deep listening.

Attend one of Connie’s scheduled workshops for individuals or bring Connie to your community or business for a workshop experience that is customized to meet the needs of your group.

Taking Your Story to the Stage

Three days of storywork focused on performance skills and stage presence.

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Finding the Storyteller in You

A day for discovering your voice and uncovering your stories.

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Summer Storytelling Retreat & Adventure

An intimate week of discovery, practice and feedback.

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What participants are saying:

This workshop is a wonderful way for anyone to explore their own creativity.  The design of the days was a beautiful way to step into my own creative spirit, appreciate the creative spirit in other participants, and pick up hints and clues on how to craft stories from my own life experience as inspiration for myself and others.

Connie Regan Blake was teaching me before we ever met. When I first saw her on stage at the Folk Art Center in Asheville I knew my life’s calling and I knew that I would achieve it. My parents gifted me a workshop with her for my birthday years ago and it was a gift that would last a lifetime because Connie is a gifted gift. I have done workshops with her once sometimes even twice a year since we met. Connie has become a valuable teacher, mentor and dear, dear friend to me. A workshop with her is not just about the technicalities of being a storyteller. It is a spiritual journey into story.

Connie has a great gift for creating an environment in which it’s safe to be open and honest.  She’s also particularly skilled in helping others use the ordinary experiences of a personal life to find common ground with everyone and anyone. It was a rich and fulfilling experience.



The richness of our work together had many layers. I am impressed and grateful for the variety of people who are drawn to study with Connie. Digging into stories with musicians, professors, librarians, computer experts was fascinating and great fun. And within moments of our initial gathering, Connie had created a deep kinship among us. I don’t know how she does this, but it has happened at each and every workshop I have attended for the past 11 years.


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