Workshops for Communities

Workshops: For Communities

Connie is available to come to your community for either a single event or a combination of performances and workshops. With Connie’s delightfully diverse array of stories, there is sure to be something for everyone from traditional Appalachian mountain tales to true life stories of adventure.

You might bring her in to do a daylong workshop on storytelling for teachers on engaging their students, for elders on sharing their life experiences with their family and friends, or for college students on harnessing the power of storytelling in their lives.

If you bring Connie to your elementary, middle, and high schools for a workshop geared towards parents and teachers, Connie can also capture the attention of students of each grade level with a customized storytelling performance.

Connie at one of her Workshops for Communities

Another option is to bring Connie and her special performance of “Brush the Dust from My Heart: A Storyteller’s Journey to Uganda“, a unique multimedia storytelling performance.

Contact Connie to learn more about how her gifts can best serve your community or for information about her fees and availability.

What others are saying:

Thank you for an outstanding week. Your programs were excellent. I kept hearing over and over how impressed people were with your style – so simple and natural. It is inspiring to teachers, parents and librarians to realize one doesn’t need to shout or jump around or have special effects or costumes to capture and hold the attention of a room full of kids – just a good story well told.

Lois Brown
Lane Public Library, Ohio

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