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An experienced storyteller, performer, facilitator, and creator of art, Connie has gained invaluable insight into the creative process over the years. She can provide the tools and creative direction you need to accomplish your goals.

Connie serves as a storytelling coach

Connie’s approach to coaching centers around creating an affirming and supportive environment. She uses ‘appreciations’ to help storytellers at every level focus on their strengths and grow in their confidence and skills.

Connie offers sessions in-person, by phone, or over Skype. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to learn from Connie, contact her or take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who could benefit from working with Connie?

Connie has years of wisdom from her lifelong career as an artist, performer, writer, and storyteller. Her wide skillset makes her a great asset to anyone with a story to tell. Connie has worked with other storytellers both new and seasoned, lawyers, ministers, grandparents, actors, business leaders and more!

I don’t live near Asheville. What are my options for coaching?

While Connie often meets with her coaching students face to face, she also offers coaching sessions remotely by phone or Skype video calls. Or, if Connie is touring in your area, she may be able to schedule a session during her visit. If you are not sure if any of these options would accommodate your needs, reach out to Connie by email.

Can I give a coaching session as a gift?

A coaching session with Connie is a great gift for yourself, the creative person in your life or that treasured storyteller in your family! If you would like to give a session as a gift, contact Connie to work out the details.

I am working up to a deadline. Can Connie help me work within a restricted timeline?

It depends. Since Connie is a touring artist, her schedule goes through busy and calm seasons. This variation means that Connie often has availability in her schedule for new coaching students, but not always. Inquire about Connie’s coaching availability by email. It is helpful to include a description of your project in your first email.

Can Connie coach a duo or a group?

With many years of experience performing as The Folktellers, a storytelling duo, as well as telling with a Chamber Music trio, Connie brings a unique understanding of group performance to her coaching work. While rates and details may vary, Connie is happy to explore the possibility of coaching more than one person at once.

How much does a session with Connie cost?

The cost of Connie’s coaching sessions varies based on the number of hours and your previous experience with Connie’s approach to storywork. She does offer savings packages for those who would like to invest in a bank of several hours. For more information, contact Connie.

What others are saying:

Even though we live on opposite coasts, doing coaching with Connie R-B has been invaluable! I’ve worked with her in person and over the phone. I was curious about how over-the-phone coaching would go, but now I’m convinced that this method is a powerful tool. Her coaching really helped me to get grounded in the story. She affirmed my own intuition. I am always grateful for her guidance. Connie has presence, wisdom and powerful directorial sensibilities.

BZ Smith, Sonoma CA

Connie is a generous and encouraging spirit, a wonderful teacher, and unique in her willingness to help others be all they can be… As the saying goes, it was meant to be. I know I wouldn’t be doing this, fulfilling this dream, if it weren’t for her. I’m lucky, so lucky to be working with Connie. What an incredible mirror she is!

Dottie Jean

Connie Regan-Blake’s coaching style is insightful and encouraging. She helped me hone in on what was working in my story and build on it to improve and fine-tune it. Her approach builds confidence, meeting you where you are to help raise you to the next level.

Sherry Lovett

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