Performances: Schools & Libraries

Bring Connie to your classroom, school assembly, or public library to share the gift of story with your students. Since Connie first began her storytelling career over four decades ago, she has entertained school children all across the globe with both her traditional tales and literary stories. Below you will find some of the storytelling performance options Connie offers. These services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your community.

Thank you for sharing your stories and thank you for sharing yourself. Through you, our students were able to see the serendipity in life and understand that a variety of pathways may lead to a goal.

Tammy A. Young
AC Reynolds Middle School

Connie reads with Hans Christian Andersen in Central Park

A Storyteller’s Start

In every assembly, student audiences sit spellbound as Connie invites them in to the world of the story. Bringing to life storybook characters, traditional world tales, and true adventures, Connie’s storytelling performances helps students develop listening skills along with a passion for reading and a desire to delve deeper into the worlds of these stories.

Connie began her storytelling journey at a public library. Thus, she learned to connect the spoken and written word. Connie knows the joy of reading and uses her storytelling performances to lead students back to the story’s origin – often a book or traditional tale.


Library Performances:

At Connie’s library performances, families come together for a shared time of storytelling that entertains, intrigues, and delights all. These concerts can also be designed specifically for younger children, teenagers, and/or adults.

Your performance was simply riveting.

Marcia Hupp
Youth Services
The Mamaroneck Library

Elementary School Assemblies:

Participatory, high-energy stories–both traditional and contemporary–often accompanied by musical sound effects and props.

  • K – 3rd graders (30 minutes)
  • 4th – 6th graders (45 minutes)

Maximum 300 students in each program.

In this video, Connie teaches a group of children how to use American Sign Language to tell the story, Jack and Jill. Thanks to the teacher who captured this moment on film!

Connie performing for 7th and 8th graders

Junior/Senior High School:

Connie offers spellbinding storytelling performances drawing on her repertoire of hair-raising chillers, humorous mountain characters, dramatic contemporary stories and captivating folktales meant for the minds and imaginations of young adults. (50 minutes)

Maximum 500 students in each program.

District-Wide Performances:

Students gather in a central location for a unique, community listening experience. These programs are most effective and compelling when tailored to grade level-specific audiences. (Suggested groups include K – 3rd grade, 4th – 6th grade, 6th – 8th grade, or high school age students.)

No set maximum number of students — varies based on site, sound equipment, and other factors.

As a performer, Connie creates an astonishing atmosphere which rivets the attention of all our children and fuels their imaginations. As a teacher, Ms. Regan-Blake has inspired and trained our faculty to bring storytelling into our classrooms; enhancing our language arts curriculum and enriching the academic and emotional life of each child.

Nancy Shapiro-Pikelny


Customized for each school or district, 2-5 days that can include classroom visits, PTA/family performances, teacher and/or student workshops, and assemblies for the whole school.

North Carolina Performances:

As Connie is a member of the North Carolina Touring Artist Directory, simple grants may be available for NC schools and libraries who want to hire her for a performance or workshop. Contact your local arts council or visit to find out more.

Connie poses with a "Wild Thing".

For information on Connie’s fees and availability, contact her. For additional storytelling resources for teachers, parents and librarians, check out the StoryWindow store.

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